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List Building

Breakthrough Live

July 7TH
12:00 noon EST to 1:30 pm EST

Crack The Secrets To Successfully Building A Profitable Email List

Are you sick and tired of watching others succeed while you're sitting on the sidelines trying to figure out what you're doing wrong? 

Are you ready to break through income barriers with an engaged audience that you can connect with through email, texting, or on the phone? Get ready to demystify the secrets to building a profitable list!

Misty Kortes

The Money’s In The List

You’ve heard it a bazillion times before. But if you’re like many of our students before they enrolled in our List Building Breakthrough Program, you may have struggled with getting things off the ground, staying consistent with your list-building activities, or maybe you are new in your entrepreneurial journey, and you don’t know where to start.

No worries, my friend - we’ve got you covered!

By The End Of This Event, You'll Have...

  • Master the Art of Creating Captivating Opt-ins: Learn powerful techniques to create irresistible lead magnets that will entice your target audience to join your email list.
  • Harness the Power of Targeted Traffic: Discover the most effective strategies that are working today to drive your perfect ideal customer to your lead generation funnels, ensuring you capture the right people who are genuinely interested in what you are selling.
  • Nurture and Engage Your Subscribers: Learn proven methods to nurture and build a strong relationship with your email subscribers, leading to increased engagement, trust, and loyalty.
  • Scale Your List-Building Efforts: Gain insights into advanced list-building techniques, automation tools, and scalable strategies that will allow you to continuously grow your email list and expand your reach over time.

Our Goal Is You’ll Leave The List Building Breakthrough Event And Go From From 500 to 5,000+ Subscribers in The Next 90 Days!

My biggest regret in building my business…

If there is one “do-over” that I wish I could get in my business - it’s that I wish I had started building my list a lot sooner! 

The truth is, I was able to take a small list of about 600 people and turn it into a multi-six-figure business rather quickly. But I find myself wondering how much further I could have gone if I had focused on growing my list from the start. It's my biggest regret in business, and it has (literally) cost me millions of dollars.

If I could go back in time, I would prioritize building my list consistently from the start!

That said - today, I am proud to say...

I have developed a simple proven list-building playbook that has successfully generated over 25 million leads!

And if there’s one thing I want for you, it’s no regrets. I don’t want you looking back wishing you had focused on growing your list sooner. There’s no reason to be leaving money on the table! You’re here. I’m here. And I’m sharing my playbook!

Get Ready To Grow The Biggest Asset You Can Build In Your Business: YOUR EMAIL LIST

FUN FACT: The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) conducted a study that discovered email marketing generates an average 3600% (ROI), and as time goes on, the value of your email list and community only increases, making them an invaluable asset for your business's long-term success.