Do you ever wonder if there's a proven path to establishing yourself as a go-to authority in your field? The answer is YES, it's easier than you think, and the answers are being shared in my 3-hour virtual coaching event...

Owning Your Extraordinary: Finding Your Voice and Claiming Your Place as an Expert In Your Field

Together, we'll peel back the layers of self-doubt, unearth your unique strengths, and lay out a blueprint for you to step confidently into the spotlight as the expert you are.

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Are you feeling overshadowed and unworthy amidst industry giants doubting your rightful place as an expert in your field?

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the challenge of positioning themselves as authorities in their respective fields. This hesitancy often stems from common roadblocks: imposter syndrome, the overwhelming presence of established industry leaders, fear of judgment, and the misconception that one needs decades of experience, or a million followers on social media to claim expertise. These factors can cloud an individual's recognition of their worth and unique perspective, preventing them from confidently stepping into the expert role they are well-suited for.

Join Me...

It's time to...

Break the chains of self Doubt

and finally...

Embrace your journey

so you can...

Discover Your Extraordinary Powers

and craft a message that...

resonates and captivates

so others are drawn to you effortlessly.



Do I need a massive following before I can be seen as an expert?


The market seems so saturated; is there really enough space for me?


Am I knowledgeable enough, or will people see right through me?


Am I too old or too young to start establishing myself as an authority?


How do I even begin to differentiate myself from others in my niche?

I completely understand how you might feel this way. Can I let you in on a secret? Most entrepreneurs have been in your shoes, facing similar doubts and questions. Contrary to popular belief, not all started with unwavering confidence or a clear path to success.

There are myths out there – that you need decades of experience, a high-profile mentor, or a groundbreaking idea to stand out. These myths hold back many talented individuals from truly shining. Let me help you sift through the noise, debunk these misconceptions, and navigate your unique path to expertise.

That's why I created this event! Together, we'll uncover the real keys to positioning yourself as an expert and championing your unique and individual journey. Register now and take that pivotal step towards owning your extraordinary and crafting a message that attracts your perfect ideal customer.

I've Saved You a Seat!

I typically charge $1,997 for this event, but I see way too many entrepreneurs struggling to find their voice, doubting their worth, and hesitating to step into their true potential. I believe in empowering every visionary to rise above these challenges and to truly shine in their field. So, for a limited time and to ensure that this transformative experience is accessible to those who truly need it, I've decided to offer it for FREE! 

Yes, you read that right. Zero dollars. Because I'm passionate about helping you rise, about seeing more unique voices like yours shaping industries, leading conversations, and making impactful changes. Your extraordinary awaits, and it's time to own it.

Hey there!

I'm Misty Kortes

Misty Kortes

I'm obsessed with all things business, an online marketing nerd, and known for keeping things real. I've been an entrepreneur my entire life (dating back to the first grade!), and trust me, I know how it feels to want to make a big impact without losing your personal life in the process. That's why I started Your Marketing Coach. Think of me and my team as your very own digital marketing agency, here to help you set up the things you need to create, package, market, sell, and deliver your programs, products, and services.

When I'm not deep-diving into the latest marketing trends, you can catch me serving fresh insights on the "Shop Talk" podcast. It's my jam-packed corner of the internet where I share juicy marketing tidbits and chat with industry experts.

Bottom line...

I'm on a mission to help you build a business that provides you freedom (with money), flexibility (with time), and control (with ownership) without losing your sanity in the process.  

Join me for this 3-hour virtual coaching event, and I'll show you how to:

  • Uncover and embrace your unique voice, ensuring it resonates and cuts through the industry noise.
  • Confidently position yourself as the go-to expert in your field, even if you are a new entrepreneur, have no followers, or have been doubting your worth.
  • Navigate and overcome the common challenges that have been holding you back, from imposter syndrome to fear of judgment.
  • Implement actionable strategies that elevate your brand's presence, making you unforgettable in your niche.
  • Create a roadmap to consistent growth, empowering you to consistently evolve and expand your expertise.
  • Build authentic connections with your audience, fostering trust and establishing long-lasting relationships.
  • Capitalize on your unique experiences and stories, turning them into powerful tools for relatability and impact.

Enough Is Enough!

You've journeyed this far, felt the tug of resonance, and know it's your time. Stop letting fear be the anchor to your success. Claim your seat, ignite your belief, and transform your narrative.

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