Ever feel like you're perpetually racing time, hopping from task to task, with a never-ending to-do list that doesn't truly propel your business forward?

Like many, you've likely been fed the same old time management "solutions." But have you ever considered that time management might not be the issue at all?

Welcome to the CHAOS TO CONTROL Masterclass

A place where I won't just throw another planner or app at you. Instead, we're digging deeper, looking beyond the traditional "time" boundaries, and focusing on true control.



Discover the true culprits behind The chaos And Never-Ending To-Do List, going beyond conventional time-management myths.

This isn't about stretching your day; adding more work, or even managing your time better. It's about understanding the root cause of the chaos and implementing simple systems that drive efficiency. This is your golden ticket to ditching the time tug-o-war, casting away the weight of overwhelm and experiencing control and progress without burning the midnight oil.

It's time to...

Redefine Your Priorities

and finally...

Untangle The Web Of Chaos

so you can...

Design a Business and life


Progress and Peace Coexist




Is this another fleeting trend that promises the moon but doesn't deliver?


Can I genuinely achieve balance without compromising my ambitions?


Is this just going to add to my (already too long) list, or will it actually clear the clutter?

I completely understand your reservations. In a world flooded with fleeting solutions and quick fixes it can be frustrating. 

What I'm sharing in this FREE MASTERCLASS isn't a trend; it's a system tailored to ensure you achieve balance and clarity and elevate your ambitions without making compromises. 

Building a successful business isn't about adding more to your plate but prioritizing what truly matters and putting that first. It's about discerning the essential from the optional, focusing on impactful actions over busy work, and consistently aligning your efforts with your goals. In the end, success is cultivated not by juggling more, but by mastering the art of intentional, purpose-driven execution.

I've Saved You a Seat!

Hey there!

I'm Misty Kortes

Misty Kortes

I'm obsessed with all things business, an online marketing nerd, and known for keeping things real. I've been an entrepreneur my entire life (dating back to the first grade!), and trust me, I know how it feels to want to make a big impact without losing your personal life in the process. That's why I started Your Marketing Coach. Think of me and my team as your very own digital marketing agency, here to help you set up the things you need to create, package, market, sell, and deliver your programs, products, and services.

When I'm not deep-diving into the latest marketing trends, you can catch me serving fresh insights on the "Shop Talk" podcast. It's my jam-packed corner of the internet where I share juicy marketing tidbits and chat with industry experts.

Bottom line...

I'm on a mission to help you build a business that provides you freedom (with money), flexibility (with time), and control (with ownership) without losing your sanity in the process.  

Join me for just 60-minutes, and I'll show you how to:

  • Identify and Eliminate the non-essential tasks that drain your energy and divert your focus.
  • Harness Effective Strategies that top-performing entrepreneurs use to maximize productivity without burning out.
  • Align Your Actions with your core business vision, ensuring every step you take drives measurable growth.
  • Craft a Tailored Blueprint for success that resonates with your unique business model, challenges, and aspirations.

Enough Reading,
Let's Start Doing!

You've read this far because something resonates. Stop letting time and your laundry list of tasks control you. Grab your seat now and master the methods to drive your business forward. This is more than just another masterclass; it's the turning point you've been waiting for. Click The Button Below and Claim Your Spot!