How to Capture Leads Online Without a Website

Leads are the lifeblood of every business looking to grow its sales. 

There are many different ways that a business can capture leads, both online and offline.

Today, I am going to share (8) specific strategies you can deploy today to start capturing leads online – even if you don’t have a website!

Whether you are a brand new entrepreneur just getting started with growing your email marketing list. 

Or you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while and you just can’t quite seem to break the code to lead generation. 

This episode of Shop Talk will give you the guidance you need to consistently start capturing qualified leads that want to hear and buy from you and are most likely to buy from you in the future.

Here’s a snapshot of this episode:

  • [2:54] – How to Create an Online Lead Generation Strategy Step-by-Step
  • [12:56] – Create (Original) Ungated Content Consistently
  • [25:04] – Using Chatbots to Create Engagement and Capture Leads
  • [29:11] – Capturing Leads With Quizzes

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Leads are the lifeblood of every business looking to grow its sales. 

There are many different ways that a business can capture leads, both online and offline.

Today, I am going to share (8) specific strategies you can deploy today to start capturing leads online – even if you don’t have a website!

Whether you are a brand new entrepreneur just getting started with growing your email marketing list. 

Or you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while and you just can’t quite seem to break the code to lead generation. 

This episode of Shop Talk will give you the guidance you need to consistently start capturing qualified leads that want to hear and buy from you and are most likely to buy from you in the future.


There’s no doubt that when you have a list, everything in your business gets easier.

And there is a direct correlation between having an engaged email list and the revenue you generate in your business.

Now, I want to dispel a belief that you need a huge email list to make any significant money – it’s simply not true!

When I first started Your Marketing Coach, I didn’t really have a plan (or strategy) on how to grow my list. I was just meeting people, sharing with them that I help entrepreneurs and small businesses with their marketing and they would ask me to send them some information – so, I would add them to my list. A spreadsheet to be exact.

In my first year, I was able to compile a list of (just over) 600 people.

I’ve heard other online marketers share that you can expect to earn $1 a month for every person you have on your email marketing list. That was super discouraging to hear. Maybe you’ve heard that as well?

That means if I had 600 people on my list, I should/would have earned $7,200 my first year. But, I actually earned just over $130k! That’s $18 a month for every person I had on my email marketing list! Well, over the industry average.

The reason I was able to do that is in Strategy #2 that I’ll be sharing with you soon.

In this episode of Shop Talk, I am going to provide you with (8) specific strategies you can deploy to grow a highly engaged, profitable, lead list (consistently) every single month.

Let’s go ahead and dive in, shall we?

STRATEGY 1 –  The Online Lead Generation Funnel

One of the most common (and effective) ways to capture leads online today is to create an online lead generation funnel. One that can capture leads 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, while you are sleeping or on vacation. It is a systematic approach to generating leads online. 

This might sound a bit confusing if you are new to online funnels (or marketing automation), but don’t worry, I am going to break it down for you.

There are (6) moving parts (or steps) to create a lead generation funnel. 

STEP 1: Create a Lead Magnet

The first step to creating an online lead generation funnel is to create a free resource (also known as a Lead Magnet) that you can give away in exchange for a person’s contact information. The most popular (and highest converting) lead magnets are:

  • Checklists or Guides
  • eBooks or Whitepapers
  • Worksheets or Templates
  • Free Trials
  • And/or Training Videos

The type of lead magnet you create will be determined by the information that you are sharing.

The key here is that when you choose your lead magnet make sure that it solves (1) problem that your target audience is struggling with, or wants answers to.

Lead magnets that convert the best are ones that are helpful, useful, and give your audience a quick win. Meaning, they are easy and fast to implement and have an immediate impact for your new subscriber.

STEP 2 – Create a Landing Page to Capture Leads

Step two, create a landing page that will highlight and present your lead magnet to your visitors. 

Landing pages are effective for capturing leads because they are stand-alone web pages that’s sole purpose is to convince visitors to subscribe to your free resource.

You can build landing pages on your website (if you have one). But, there are also many tools available that you can use to build landing pages without a website very easily and quickly. The tool I recommend to our clients is Keap. 

In the show notes for this episode, I’ll include a link to a 14-Day Free Trial of Keap if you are interested in checking it out. You can go to to access this free trial.

Let’s take a moment to talk about designing a landing page that converts.

I have a few pro tips to share. If you can, envision that we are looking at a landing page and working from the top down.

Do Not Include A Navigation Menu

The first pro tip is to make sure that you don’t include a menu on the page. Remember, the goal of the landing page is to get your visitor to take the action you want them to take (which is subscribe to your free resource). 

If you include navigation, it’s likely that your visitor will click on it and navigate away from your page – you definitely don’t want that!

Instead of adding a menu, you can include a logo and support phone number. When you add a phone number to the top of the page it builds trust with your visitor. They want to know that you are a legitimate business and that they can contact you if they have questions.

Write a Headline That Clearly Explains What You Are Offering Your Visitor

Next, you want to craft a headline that clearly explains what you are offering your visitor. This isn’t time to get crafty.

Remember, a confused mind does not take action. It leaves your page.

Keep your headline clear and concise.

As an example, “Download Your Copy of The 10 Secrets to [Fill-in-the-Blank]”.

Statement of Benefit

Under your headline, you’ll want to include a Statement of Benefit. A Statement of Benefit is 1 – 3 sentences that clearly explains the key benefit(s) your visitor will experience if they take advantage of your free offer – and implement your recommendations.

Call-to-Action Button

And then you add a call-to-action button. Something like, “GET INSTANT ACCESS”.

All of this information is located above-the-fold (the section of the page that your visitor sees before they start scrolling down the page).

Below The Fold Information

Now, here’s a list of things that should be included on your landing page below the fold. Now, I’ll share them in the order that we would typically list them. But, keep in mind that these items can be moved around as it makes sense for your free offer.

Identify The Problem

The first section below the fold would typically be a “Identify The Problem” section where you have an opportunity to show your visitor that you really understand the challenges (or problems) they are facing. 

In this section, you are writing a brief paragraph that identifies the problem/challenges/struggles they are experiencing.

After you identify the problem, then you want to write a short statement that shows empathy. To show empathy you can:

  • Let them know that the problems they are having aren’t their fault.
  • Or share a “good vs evil” statement letting them know that it’s [the industry’s] fault.
  • You can also make a statement like, “I’ve seen many others experience it as well”. This lets them know they aren’t facing their problem/challenge alone.

The way that you show empathy transitions into the next section where they will be introduced to you, their trusted guide.

Introduce the Trusted Guide in a Short Credibility Bio or Story

To introduce you, the trusted guide, you can share either a short bio or a story about you (the author/creator/expert) that is sharing this resource. 

This section is intended to show why you are a person they can trust on the subject you are sharing in your free resource.

As Seen In / As Featured In Logos

And, if you have any credibility logos for publications you’ve been listed in you could add those as well.

Here’s What You’ll Learn / Get / Discover

The next section would typically be a “Here’s What You’ll Learn / Get / Discover” section where you list a minimum of 4 “value points”.

Value points are a list of benefits, advantages, outcomes, or results that your visitor can expect when they implement the information that you are sharing with them.

Testimonial / Quote From Trusted Influencer

Now that you’ve identified the problem. Introduced you as the guide who can help them, shared what they will learn/get/discover you want a section that says (without saying) “don’t take my word for it”. And share a powerful testimonial of someone who’s gotten results from your guidance.

If you don’t have a testimonial, you can also provide a quote from a trusted influencer. This is a really powerful strategy if done correctly. The quote is something that the trusted influencer has said or a unique point of view that they share. When you add this to your landing page (with an image of that person), it can almost appear to your visitor like the influencer is endorsing your resource or expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Next, you can add a section for frequently asked questions. Here, you want to list any objection/question your visitor may have regarding your offer. 

You might this is overkill, but I promise you it’s not.

Final Strong Call-to-Action

And then the last section on the page you’ll want to include a final strong call-to-action. This section is similar in design to your top section (above-the-fold) but the copy is more “in your face” in encouraging your visitor to take action.

That’s a lot to remember, I know! So, I put together a free resource for you! You can grab a copy of my Landing Page Optimization Checklist by clicking the link in the show notes at In it, you’ll find these points along with a few other pro tips.

Ok, now on to Step 3…

STEP 3 – Organize Your Leads in a CRM (customer relationship management software)

Step 3, you want to organize your leads in a CRM (customer relationship management software).

When a visitor fills out the form on your landing page you will want those new leads to be automatically added to a CRM so that you can keep track of the prospects you are capturing and ensure that no opportunities fall through the cracks.

Trust me, once you create an effective online lead generation funnel you will be capturing too many leads to keep track of them on a spreadsheet.

If you don’t have CRM software currently. I recommend that you check out Keap. Don’t forget that I have a link in the show notes for a 14-Day Free Trial if you want to check it out.

STEP 4 – Create a Thank You Page

Step #4 – Create a Thank You Page.

After a visitor fills out the form on your landing page you’ll want to direct them to a thank you page so that they know their request has been received and what they can expect next.

Typically, when we design thank you pages as part of an online lead generation funnel we will optimize this page to accomplish a few different things.

1. We want to let them know that their free resource is on its way and that they need to check their inbox to access it.

2. We also like to include another call-to-action that we’d like our new prospect to do next. That could include:

  • Adding a survey form right on the thank you page so that they can share some insights directly with us.
  • Ask our prospects to follow us on social media and include a button on the thank you page.
  • Or add a button asking them to join a private Facebook group.
  • We’ve also added links to some of our best content like articles, other resources, or podcasts they might find helpful.
  • We’ve used the thank you page to invite prospects to an upcoming webinar.
  • And we’ve also added a video to our thank you page to present an offer.

There are tons of other ways you can leverage your thank you page to lead your new prospect to the next most logical step you want them to take.

All it takes is a little creative juice!

STEP 5 – Deliver the Lead Magnet

In this step, you want to make sure you deliver the resource (aka lead magnet) that your new subscriber requested.

When we set up lead generation funnels, we typically deliver the lead magnet via email so that we can get our new prospect used to receiving email communication from us.

STEP 6: Promote Your Lead Magnet

And the last step in creating an online lead generation campaign is to start promoting your lead magnet and sharing a link to your landing page.

STRATEGIES 2, 3, 4, and 5 – Promote Your Lead Magnet

There are tons of places you can promote your lead magnet. Here are (4) simple strategies that you can do right away (that are wrapped up in our first strategy):

  • STRATEGY 2: Add a link to your bios on social media.
  • STRATEGY 3: Share a post with a picture of your lead magnet and a link to your landing page.
  • STRATEGY 4: Add a link to the bottom of your email signature so that every person who gets a personal email from you can subscribe to your email list if they are interested.
  • STRATEGY 5: Set up a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google ad to reach your perfect ideal customer.

The important point I want to make here is that if you are looking to grow your list quickly you may want to consider investing in paid ads to promote your lead magnet.

While you will capture leads using organic strategies, paid methods allow you to control how many people see your offer within a specific period of time.

Whereas, organic strategies (like adding a link in your email signature) are designed to give you exposure but will likely take more time to capture prospects.

Whew, that was a lot of information! Just so you know, you can grab a full transcript of this episode by visiting 

STRATEGY 6 – Create Original Ungated Content (Consistently)

Strategy #6 is to create original ungated content that you consistently share online.

Ungated content is information that your target audience can consume without having to provide their contact information.

You might be thinking, “Whoa, wait a minute Misty, why would I create ungated content if I’m not using it to capture leads? Isn’t that the whole point?”

Yes, it is. Let me explain.

When you offer free ungated content, you are providing your target audience an opportunity for them to get to know you more, and build trust, so that they are more likely to subscribe to your free resources and buy from you!

Hang with me for a few minutes here while I drill down on this strategy a little more…

There are (3) different ways you can produce this type of content:

  • Written
  • Video
  • Or Audio

The type of ungated content that you create will (of course) depend on where your target audience is hanging out, and how they prefer to consume information.

Let me give you an example of each.

Written Articles

You can write articles on a specific topic that you know your Perfect Ideal Customer has questions or concerns about and is looking for answers to.

In those articles, you can offer a free resource (aka lead magnet) that you feel your readers might also find helpful.

Your article gives your target audience a chance to know you, and see that you really know your stuff, then you can ask them to subscribe to your email list by requesting your free resource.

“Misty, this seems like more work. Why not just offer the free resource?”

Here’s the deal, capturing leads through online lead generation funnels has been around quite a while now. It’s not a new strategy. Many people have been burned. What I mean by that is, many people have subscribed to free resources only to find out that the resource was not helpful or beneficial and now the business that captured their information is spamming them. So, people are more skeptical when it comes to giving you their contact information.

This strategy is perfect if you are trying to capture leads from a cold market (people who don’t know who you are) because it allows you to deliver some value first, build some trust and authority, then ask them for their contact information.

It is more work. But, it’s one that works great when you are working in cold markets.

Ok, so if you are going to choose to create ungated content by writing articles you also want to make sure you are sharing those articles. 

The article you write can be published and shared on platforms such as LinkedInMedium, Reddit, BizSugar, Quora, or Scoop.It. 

Rather than covering each of those platforms individually, I’ll make sure to link to each of them in the show notes you can check them out at

Essentially, those platforms are designed to let you publish and distribute your content to gain awareness and exposure for your brand.

As you know, this episode is focused on delivering strategies that don’t require a website. The examples I shared just now don’t require that you have a website. But, I should also point out that if you do have a website you should be posting your articles there as well.

Just as a quick heads up, next week on Shop-Talk, I am going to be sharing “How to Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generating Machine” so be sure to tune in!


Another way you can produce ungated content is through sharing information in video. Now, I’m not talking about pre-recorded videos here. I am talking about streaming video through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Tik Tok Live.

And again, where you decide to stream your video will be determined by where your target audience hangs out online.

If your target audience is hanging out on multiple platforms don’t worry! You don’t have to steam on each of them individually – you can use software like Restream to steam live to 30+ social platforms at one time!

A huge time saver!

I’ll make sure to link to Restream in the show notes so you can check it out.


And the final option you can produce ungated content is in the form of audio. The audio I’m recommending is a podcast.

A podcast allows you to reach listeners on many different platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Stitcher (just to name a few).

As you know, this is only the 2nd episode of Shop Talk – and I am absolutely loving it! Starting and launching a podcast was so much easier than I thought it would be!

The thing I love most is that I am (basically) writing a blog (just like I have for years now) – only now, I am reading it to my audience! I don’t have to prepare to be on video, I don’t have to spend hours creating PowerPoint presentations. Just write, record, send it off to get edited, and promote it!

I have already received messages from followers that they are loving this new format too – and I’ve only shared (1) episode so far.

As I wrap up strategy #2 I want to make sure that I point out that you should be consistently creating ungated content. By consistently I mean that you focus on creating one new piece of content each week with one of those (3) options.

Remember at the beginning of this episode when I shared that I was able to earn just over $130K my first year in business with a list of 600 people? This strategy is why I was able to do that! 

I have always earned way more from my email marketing list than most industry marketers because I consistently delivered valuable content that would help my audience.

The first form of consistent content that I delivered was in the form of a weekly webinar. Today, if I was still doing this I would host them as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn Live calls to get more exposure. But, those features weren’t around then.

Then. when I learned about the advantages of blogging to bring visitors to my website. I never thought in a million years that I would write blogs! But, the advantages are too good not to do it.

In next week’s episode of Shop Talk, I will be sharing “How to Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generating Machine”. 

In that episode, I’ll explain why creating original content every week is sooooooo important to the success of your business. And I’ll share why I started this podcast and how I’m leveraging it to bring more visitors to our website to capture leads and grow our client base. I hope you’ll join me!

Ok, we’ve got (2) more strategies to cover but, I promise they are really good ones so stick with me, ok? 

STRATEGY 7 – Capture Leads Through a Chatbot

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation.

Now, before you tune out and (mentally) say, “Misty, I hate chatbots – I’m not doing it” let me share this strategy that I think you are going to love.

I’ve got (4) steps to creating a chatbot lead generation campaign with you.

STEP 1: Create a Free Resource (aka Lead Magnet)

In this strategy, you are going to leverage giving away a lead magnet that you created. But, this time, instead of sending people to a landing page you are going to get them to engage with your social media post that triggers a chatbot conversation.

This will all make sense in a minute, let’s keep going…

STEP 2: Set Up Your Chatbot

I know you might be thinking, “Misty, I have no idea how to set up a chatbot!”. I totally get it. I am not a super techy person either. That’s why I love ManyChat!

ManyChat makes it super simple to create a chatbot that can initiate conversations through Facebook Messenger to grow your email marketing list.

I’ll be sure to link to ManyChat in the show notes.

STEP 3: Create and Post a Simple Social Media Post in The Form of a Question

One of ManyChat’s features is that you can have your chatbot “watch” for comments on a specific social media post that you shared.

When it sees a comment (or keyword) it will automatically open up Facebook Messenger to initiate a conversation.

Pretty slick – right?

Here’s how it works…

You create a simple social media post that asks a question like, “I just created a guide on how to capture leads online without a website – who wants it?”.

And when I say simple, I mean simple. 

The post should be a solid color background with just your question on it.

When people post a comment on that post, the chatbot you set up with ManyChat will open up in Facebook Messenger and start engaging with that person.

The key is to make sure that you have your chatbot ask for the person’s email address so that you can send them the resource.

This leads me to the last step in this strategy…

STEP 4: Leverage Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is simply the practice of interacting with customers on multiple channels.

When someone engages with your social post that’s connected to a ManyChat bot they will be initiated to start a conversation with the bot you set up.

Essentially, that captures the contact in ManyChat so you have received permission to communicate with that person via Facebook Messenger.

It’s never wise to just capture contacts on a platform like Facebook Messenger because you don’t own the platform. Facebook can take away your access at any time, and if they do that you can no longer communicate with your prospects through Messenger.

That’s why you want to ask your prospect for their email to deliver the free resource they requested. 

By doing that, you have now added your prospect to your email marketing list – which you do own and control.

Now, assuming you don’t ever lose access to your Facebook account (which of course I hope never happens) you now have (2) ways that you can connect with your prospect – in Messenger and via email.

STRATEGY 8 – Capturing Leads With Quizzes

Ok, we finally made it to strategy #8. 

High five my friend! I know this episode has been quite lengthy and stuffed with a lot of information. And you’re still hanging in with me. Congrats!

The last strategy I have to share with you is capturing leads with quizzes.

Quizzes are an amazing way to capture leads and grow your email marketing list because they tap into human psychology and the desire that people have to understand themselves better.

One of the biggest things people struggle with is the need to define themselves, to define their identity, to know who they are. When you can craft a quiz that speaks to those desires, it’s an extremely powerful marketing tool.

There are many online tools that you can use to create quizzes online.

There are (2) tools that we’ve used to generate leads…

Lead Quizzes and Typeform.

Lead Quizzes

Lead Quizzes has a ton of templates that can help give you a head start on creating quizzes and surveys that can be shared online, embedded into a website, or shared directly to social media.


Typeform is another tool that also allows you to create quizzes, surveys, and polls but it does require a website so that you can embed the content on the site.

And the last tool that I wanted to share with you that we are keeping our eye on is Bucket 2.0.

Bucket 2.0

At the time of this recording, Bucket 2.0 is not available to the public as they have been working to improve their previous version 1.0. If you get a chance to check out their website you’ll see that they have invested quite a bit of time into creating an amazing platform that allows you to visually see your funnel flow and use their beautifully designed templates.

This is software we’ll definitely be looking forward to being released!

I’ll make sure to link to these tools in the show notes.

Closing Remarks

Whew! That was a TON of information!

If you’ve made it this far, that means you are ready to grow your list and take your business to the next level. 

And, if I’m right – I have a challenge for you!

My goal with this podcast is to provide actionable items that can lead my audience to success. Don’t let this episode be another podcast you listened to, but didn’t take action.

Every one of these strategies works. So, if you are serious about growing your list (which I totally believe you are) then set some side aside (right now) to implement these strategies in your business. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Oh, and join me next week as I share more list-building strategies – How to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generating Machine.


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