Finding the perfect project management tool is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack.

I have tried virtually every task management, project management, and collaboration tool out there…ok, so that’s not entirely true (considering there are thousands). But, I have used: Basecamp, Trello, Teamwork, Asana, Clarizen, 17 Hats, Dapulse, ProWorkflow, Process Street, and the list goes on and on…

And then, I found Kanbanchi. The ultimate task management, project management, and collaboration tool available for small teams.

Here’s some of the reason why I fell in love with Kanbanchi so quickly:

1. It’s SUPER SIMPLE to start using! Once you sign up, you are given a quick tutorial on how to begin using Kanbanchi right away…and then, you are off and running within 2 minutes.


2. The layout is visually appealing. This is really important to a person like me (with a design background). I can lay out my “cards” similar to Trello. I can also color code, tag, and upload images to my cards. The drag and drop feature allows me to move the cards from one list to the next easily. If you upgrade to the Pro Version you can also convert your dashboard to the Gantt Chart view as well.

Gantt Chart

3. Once I create a card I can invite my team, clients, or colleagues to collaborate. As we work on the task Kanbanchi records and documents the conversation and activity around the task.

4. I can create unlimited dashboards to manage different aspects of my personal and business life. I am a “list person”. I am so much of a list person that I’m the type that writes down a task I’ve already completed just so that I can mark it off the list (an illness I know :)! So, I create a dashboard for every list. I have a dashboard for every client. I have a dashboard for each business I own. I have a dashboard for conversations I have with my business coach. I have a dashboard for an upcoming party I am preparing for. I have a dashboard for my daily “personal to-do’s” (of course, I have my “honey do’s” on their too :). Dashboards allow me to stay focused on the project I am working on at that moment so that I don’t have to rummage through a gigantic list of things that need to be done. Instead, I can focus on the project that I’ve blocked time for at that moment. This is SUPER important! Simple (but effective) productivity hack here!

There are sooooooo many features within Kanbanchi that I love I would literally bore you with the details! But HERE’S THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE that makes Kanbanchi THE ULTIMATE PRODUCTIVITY HACK….

5. It fully integrates with Google Calendar and Google Drive! That means when I set due dates and reminders it automatically adds it to my Google Calendar. When I need to attach images, forms, or documents I can do so in just 2 clicks! And all of this is done in REAL TIME!


So, there you have it…a quick overview of my love for Kanbanchi :) I hope that you’ll take advantage of their FREE version and explore for yourself how easy Kanbanchi is to use and look for opportunities how you can leverage Kanbanchi as a productivity hack for your business.

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    • Martin Lindeskog

      Misty: I will check it out. I like a personal Kanban system, so Kanbanchi looks promising. I have been using Trello for some time. What would you say is the main differences?

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