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Growth Coach

Dan here! I'm a pilot, drummer, father, and husband, my hats are many.

I love to travel the world and explore new destinations. My passion for life is equal to my passion for watching the small businesses scale to their full potential.

I am an experienced business management executive with over 20 years of professional experience. I have a proven history of successfully growing businesses from start up to corporate level. My real skills lie in training and developing individuals to independently run a profitable business.

I'm super excited to be part of the Your Marketing Coach team who's focus is to help small businesses scale and grow - that's music to my ears!



Hey there, I'm Jelena (pronounced ‘yell-in-a’…microphone!).

Here at Your Marketing Coach, I’m your StoryBrand copywriter. :) I use the (seriously awesome) StoryBrand framework to take what you do, and communicate it in a clear and simple way that gets your customers to truly 'hear' you.

Ever noticed how good marketing is good storytelling? That’s why I love taking people's vision, products and services, and writing about them in a way that engages the right people. You have something unique to offer to the world, and I can't wait to help YOU make a greater impact!

Some quirky things about me: I have a Masters degree in Neuroscience, I speak a couple of languages, I'm a fan of making fermented foods, and I'm a wife and mama!


Small Business Success Coach

Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Kristy. Busy mom, competitive Just Dance 2015 extremest, and ukulele fumbler that loves providing small business owners with a guided tour through a series of marketing activities that help generate leads and increase online visibility.

With a marketing degree and over 15 years in the strategic marketing trenches I have developed special ninja skills that include but are not limited to scaling marketing programs and helping clients identify their ideal audience. I take a true no-nonsense approach when it comes to making a social media impact. My nerdy side loves experimenting with different digital strategies that help my rock star clients engage viewers and increase brand loyalty. Above all I would say that my true passion is being a cheerleader as I watch my clients go from start-up to market leader.


Founder of Your Marketing Coach

Hey there! Misty here :)

Interesting fact about me: I've been an Entrepreneur since the 1st grade. While the rest of the kids played on the playground during recess...I sat under a tree drawing pictures and tattoos (that's a story for another time) that I could sell to my classmates.

To say I LOVE entrepreneurial-ship would be an understatement.

I would say that my specialty is simplifying things that appear complex (especially when it comes to technology and marketing).

I launched Your Marketing Coach with a mission to help small businesses succeed in scaling and growing their business through effective marketing strategies that work!

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