Difference Between Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are not the same.
While both require a connection and relationship for a successful outcome the approach, process and relationship with the target audience are completely different. Do you know the difference?

Marketing is “the strategic and tactical process of PROMOTING a brand for the purpose of attracting fans, capturing leads, nurturing those leads into relationships for the purpose of closing more sales (and/or growing) the business” (by my definition).

Sales process “the SEPARATE, but RELATED, STAGES forming the activity of personal selling; these include pre-approach, approach, need identification, presentation, handling objections, closing the sale and post-sale follow-up” (dictionary.com).


In a nutshell, marketing is the pull…marketing is the push (leading). Don’t get me wrong both are important to growth but if you lead by pushing you are likely not going to grow a huge fan base. Connect with marketing (the pull) then once you have a relationship you have the right to lead (sell).


Agree or disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts!