What is a Brand?

Many define a brand as the name of a business, a logo, a sign, and the consistency of design associated with a company or product…and it is, but these are not the only factors associated to a brand. Actually, I would challenge that they are not even the MOST important factors of a brand.

A brand can be defined as the image people have about your company, product, or service. Your brand incorporates:

·         Who you are…
·         What you stand for…
·         Your identity
·         Your personality
·         Your uniqueness
·         An impression
·         An image
·         A tone (or voice)

I could go on and on…but you get the point. A brand incorporates EVERYTHING that you do, provide, and stand for as a company.

A well defined brand builds loyalty, creates value, and drives sales…everything a small business owner desires!

I have a little exercise for you to determine if your brand is as strong as you would like it to be. I challenge you to pull out a pen (yep, right now…) and answer these 6 questions:

  1. List 10 things that you would like to be known for in your business (Examples: Best in Customer Service, Fun, Inspiring, Quality, Over-Deliver, etc.)
  2. Take the list you created and circle the 3 – 4 MOST IMPORTANT attributes you would like to be known for.
  3. Next, place a star next to the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT attribute you would most want to be known for in business.
  4. Once you have the single most important attribute you would like to be known for ask yourself, “does your brand and current marketing strategies reflect what’s most important to you”?
  5. Create a list of what do you in marketing your brand that reflects the image you desire.
  6. Lastly, identify opportunities to “up your game” in marketing your brand.

Keep in mind that your brand is the SUM TOTAL of the experience you give your customers.  I challenge you to spend some time really identifying what you want your brand to be, what you want to be known for, and then identify opportunities to TREMENDOUSLY increase your brand value and let your personality and uniqueness shine through!