5 Step Guide to Creating Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

New Study Reveals that Data Collection increases by 73%  during the holidays! According to Hootsuite 58% of marketers who have been using social media for three years or longer state that social media has helped them boost sales.

Savvy marketers would leverage the big holiday push to build a Holiday Lead Generating Machine! And since I know you are one of those “savvy marketers” I’ve put together a complete guide that will help you grow your email list and launch you into 2016.



A Goal..

STEP 1: Set Your Goal

No, really…the first step in launching your holiday marketing campaign is to set your goal. How many leads would you like to capture in the next 30 days?

STEP 2: Decide on Your Offer / Giveaway

Your offer is the “ethical bribe” that you give away in exchange for a prospects name and email.

STEP 3: Develop Your Promotion Plan

Your promotional plan is the method you use to spread the word (or gain awareness) about your offer / giveaway. The success of your Holiday Marketing Campaign will rise (or fall) on how well you promote your offer / giveaway.

Here is a list of the seven powerful strategies that can help you gain exposure to your offer / giveaway quickly:
* Use the power of your social media platforms to gain awareness by posting a link to your campaign.
* Step up your exposure by running Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Linkedin ads to advertise your campaign.
* Install a website header notification bar like HelloBar on your website.
* Use Convert Flow to create a Pop Up on your website.
* Add call to action footer images on your blog posts.
* Ad a display ad in the sidebar of your website.
* Send a broadcast to your existing list. While this may not capture NEW leads it can definitely re-engage your existing list.

STEP 4: Create a Super Powered Promotion

There are plenty of campaign building platforms to choose from…but none are as fun as the Scratch Ticket Promo (at least I like to think so :) You can use the scratch ticket promo to capture new leads by giving away some “holiday bucks”, re-engage your existing customers by offering a discount on Cyber Monday, engage your fans on social media by giving away something irresistible for free, or use it as part of your customer nurture funnel and use it to reward loyal customers as part of a loyalty funnel…the possibilities are endless! CLICK HERE to SEE HOW IT WORKS!

STEP 5: Ready for Launch!

Implement your promotion plan to spread the word about your promotional offer! Have fun thinking of all the great ways you can use your Scratch Ticket Promo in your Holiday Marketing Campaign.



Just Announced – Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons for Pages

I have some really exciting news! Facebook just announced a new feature that can help Small Business Marketers drive more traffic from your Facebook Page to your website – Call-to-Action Buttons! Woot, woot!

Before you head over to Facebook please note…this feature isn’t available to everyone just yet. Facebook is saying that they plan to roll out the feature over the next few weeks in the U.S. and we will see it available worldwide starting early 2015. So, if you you don’t see it on your Page just yet – don’t worry it’s coming.

Dollar Shave Club is already using the call-to-action button to help boost their customer acquisition efforts. This is exciting for all Small Businesses that struggle to get their Facebook fans over to their website.

dollar shave



Page admins will be able to choose one CTA (call-to-action) from seven pre-made options:

  • Sign Up
  • Shop Now
  • Contact Us
  • Book Now
  • Use App
  • Watch Video
  • Play Game

You will be able to link the button to any destination (I would suggest a landing page so that you can capture leads not just send traffic to your site…but that’s just me :) I will be hosting a FREE Webinar on this subject as we head into 2015. If you’d like to be notified of upcoming Free Webinars CLICK HERE.


There are three key strategies you’ll want to consider as you use this feature to grow your Small Business:

  1. Design your Facebook cover photo effectively so that you can draw attention to the CTA Button
  2. Create a unique offer on your cover photo so that you are enticing Fans to click on the CTA Button
  3. Create a Landing Page that you link to the CTA button to so that you can capture leads

I hope that you can see how this feature can help you grow your business if you implement an effective strategy. Can I get another woot, woot :) I’m excited…I hope you are too.

Keep checking your Facebook Page so you can take advantage of this feature as soon as it becomes available to you. And sign up to be notified of my Free Upcoming Webinars; I’ll be sharing some ideas, tips, and strategies on how you can maximize this feature.


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Holiday Marketing Strategies for Small Business

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak to a group of small business owners that are part of the Fuji Film Business Builders group to talk about the “Do’s and Don’t of Facebook and Pinterest Holiday Marketing Strategies for Small Business”.

In this recorded presentation I provided information on:

  1. The difference between push and pull marketing
  2. Five “do’s and don’ts” of Facebook Marketing
  3. Facebook post ideas
  4. Facebook holiday marketing tips
  5. Five “do’s and don’ts” of Pinterest Marketing
  6. Pinterest post ideas
  7. Pinterest holiday marketing tips

I wrap it up with an overview of list building techniques for small businesses that will launch them into 2015!

Check out the slides here:

You can listen to the entire webinar recording here.

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Facebook Strategies to Grow Your Email List

Facebook Strategies to Grow Your Email List

I have found that many Small Business Owners are challenged with strategies they can implement to capture leads in social media (specifically Facebook).

In this session of Marketing 101 I am giving away the most successful Facebook strategies you can implement to grow your email list by hundreds…if not thousands in 30 days or less!

Here’s what we know:

  • People go to Facebook because it is a habit, to have fun, and to catch up.
  • They want to be entertained, educated, informed, and inspired.
  • They do not want to be sold.

Here’s an interest fact Small Business Owners should know. The number one reason people interact with businesses online is to enter a contest, a promotion, or claim an offer.

In this presentation I share three ways a business can create a contest, promotion, or offer on Facebook.

View the slides below: (Interested in watching the replay of this webinar? CLICK HERE)

There is an 8 step strategy to creating an effective promotion through Facebook custom tabs/applications:

  1. Choose your promotion type
  2. Select a start/end date
  3. Have a compelling offer
  4. Require a “like” to grow your fan base
  5. Capture the email address so you can nurture a relationship after the promotion
  6. Encourage sharing that helps your promotion gain more attention
  7. Drive traffic to your promotion…this is likely the most important step
  8. Follow up, nurture, and sell (all of which could be a training by themselves…which we have and will do again soon)

View the slides below: (Interested in watching the replay of this webinar? CLICK HERE)