Benchmark Your Sales and Marketing Performance

Where do sales really come from? It is your website, tradeshows, social media, or good ole’ fashioned referrals?

Implisit analyzed the pipelines of hundreds of companies to discover the channels that deliver the highest sales conversion rate.

READ THIS entire article before you jump down to the stats in the infographic Implisit created and start changing your thoughts, ideas, and strategies for your marketing.

It is extremely important to keep in mind that MARKETING is about building relationships and trust. SALES is the exchange of money for products or services.

Why is this important?

What marketing activity that captures the lead may not be the same activity that is effective in actually converting the lead into a sale. EXAMPLE: If you look in the middle of the infographic below it states; “Webinars convert to opportunities, but don’t close”. Webinars are a fantastic tool to use to capture a lead (showing 17.8% conversion average) but only has 2.5% sales conversion.

So what does this mean?

While webinars are a great TOFU (top-of-funnel) lead generation tool it is not the most effective tool in closing sales. BTW, webinars are also a great MOFU (middle-of-funnel) tool that can help nurture leads.

My point…

While this graphic is stuffed with great information, please do not misinterpret what you are reading. Marketing and sales are two activities that work together to achieve a desired outcome…they are two different processes…and should be treated as such.

Unfortunately, many small business marketers lump these two activities together as if they are the same thing – and they are not. Because they lump the two together they lack the results they were expecting and become frustrated. Without this fundamental understanding of the difference between marketing and sales one could easily misinterpret the information in this infographic (below).

So, with that being said…let’s take a look at the numbers.


Use this information to benchmark your results against these companies. How are you stacking up? I find that many small business marketers struggle with the first step in capturing leads the most. If you struggle with building your prospect list I have a program that might interest you!

It’s my List Builder Program. A step-by-step program where I will teach you how to create and build a lead generating machine to help you grow your prospect list WHILE making instant sales at the same time! You can learn more about my List Builder Program HERE.

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