Google’s 200 Ranking Factors REVEALED!

The complete list of Google’s 200 Ranking Factors.

Everyone want to be on the first page of Google. The challenge is keeping up with (and executing) all of Google’s 200 ranking factors in their algorithm to do so! More than 1.1 billion people use Google for their internet searching each month (which is 67.6% of the U.S. search engine market share). This is why it’s important ranking on Google is important (but you probably already knew why it was important :)

Single Grain and Backlinko have put together the following all-inclusive infographic listing making it (easier) to view all 200 factors that make up Google’s ranking algorithm. Check out the completely exhausting (yet immensely valuable) guide below. Oh yea, (disclaimer) keep in mind that Google is in charge and change the rules at any time…I knew you’d like that :)


Facebook Strategies to Grow Your Email List

Facebook Strategies to Grow Your Email List

I have found that many Small Business Owners are challenged with strategies they can implement to capture leads in social media (specifically Facebook).

In this session of Marketing 101 I am giving away the most successful Facebook strategies you can implement to grow your email list by hundreds…if not thousands in 30 days or less!

Here’s what we know:

  • People go to Facebook because it is a habit, to have fun, and to catch up.
  • They want to be entertained, educated, informed, and inspired.
  • They do not want to be sold.

Here’s an interest fact Small Business Owners should know. The number one reason people interact with businesses online is to enter a contest, a promotion, or claim an offer.

In this presentation I share three ways a business can create a contest, promotion, or offer on Facebook.

View the slides below: (Interested in watching the replay of this webinar? CLICK HERE)

There is an 8 step strategy to creating an effective promotion through Facebook custom tabs/applications:

  1. Choose your promotion type
  2. Select a start/end date
  3. Have a compelling offer
  4. Require a “like” to grow your fan base
  5. Capture the email address so you can nurture a relationship after the promotion
  6. Encourage sharing that helps your promotion gain more attention
  7. Drive traffic to your promotion…this is likely the most important step
  8. Follow up, nurture, and sell (all of which could be a training by themselves…which we have and will do again soon)

View the slides below: (Interested in watching the replay of this webinar? CLICK HERE)

Break Out

Marketing Takes More Guts Than Money, Knowledge, or How To


It’s crazy…there has never been a better time to be in business that it is today. We have more tools, resources, knowledge, and information right at our finger tips than ever before. Most of them are even FREE!


The hard part of marketing today is letting go of what we think we know and opening our mind up to these new resources. If you find yourself saying, “in the past we used to” I have a suggestion for you. Leave it in the past. Go out and explore some new ideas – a new way of thinking. A new way of marketing.


You see, today we have everything we need to succeed. Many people are scrambling to learn…and they should. The best way to learn (in my experience) is by DOING. If you are struggling to get your message out there it’s not your skills (or lack of), it’s not your knowledge it’s that you have to dig deep down inside you and pull out some good ole’ fashioned guts.


It takes guts to try something new.
It takes guts to put yourself out there.
It takes guts to be the first (in your industry) to try that new “thing”…and see if it will work.


It takes guts to win in business (and marketing). The only thing that can’t be taught or bought though is…guts.

Difference Between Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are not the same.
While both require a connection and relationship for a successful outcome the approach, process and relationship with the target audience are completely different. Do you know the difference?

Marketing is “the strategic and tactical process of PROMOTING a brand for the purpose of attracting fans, capturing leads, nurturing those leads into relationships for the purpose of closing more sales (and/or growing) the business” (by my definition).

Sales process “the SEPARATE, but RELATED, STAGES forming the activity of personal selling; these include pre-approach, approach, need identification, presentation, handling objections, closing the sale and post-sale follow-up” (


In a nutshell, marketing is the pull…marketing is the push (leading). Don’t get me wrong both are important to growth but if you lead by pushing you are likely not going to grow a huge fan base. Connect with marketing (the pull) then once you have a relationship you have the right to lead (sell).


Agree or disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts!