Small Business Superhero – Kenny Chapman

250x250_kennyKenny Chapman is the perfect example of a Small Business Superhero serving the home service industry as The Blue Collar Success Group with passion, commitment, and 100% focus of customer service.

I met Kenny and his team just a few months ago and had the privileged to work side-by-side with them on a recent product launch that they had tremendous success in launching; producing over $30,000 in annual revenue in just 5 days!

This is clearly a guy who knows how to win in business!

I chose Kenny as this months featured Small Business Superhero not only because of his success in business but also because of his relentless commitment to serving his community, audience, and industry.

Kenny has owned several other businesses over the years but started The Blue Collar Success Group because he was seeking a business where he could get paid for his performance rather than his time….a statement that likely resonates with many Small Business Owners.

I asked Kenny in our interview together what he would attribute his success to in building the businesses he’s built. His response, “it’s two fold; first is clarity and second is execution”. He further explains that, “you can have a vision and mission statement as well as a business plan but without massive action (execution) nothing happens.”

“If you work for yourself and don’t have tremendous self accountability to want to improve and get to the next level, then you are bound into the sea of mediocrity” (Kenny). “Most people settle for less than they deserve” (Kenny).

The key to winning in business and being successful is having clarity and massive action, both of which tie perfectly into this month’s issue of intelligent MARKETER in setting goals, developing a plan, and executing a strategy.

Kenny’s recommendation to LAUNCH into 2015….”raise the bar”. “Don’t accept being average.” “Utilize the tools that you have available, don’t just look for the next best thing.” “Get clarity as to what you want in 2015 and then back it up with the activity that it takes to make it happen.” (Kenny).

Well said, Kenny Chapman :)

I know Kenny and his team have huge goals for 2015 and they are currently working on a plan and strategy to execute and LAUNCH into 2015. How confident are you in achieving your goals for 2015? Do you have your goals set?

Listen to the entire interview with Kenny below. Learn from the man who has done it, is doing it, and stretching himself to do it better everyday.


Thanks Kenny (and the team of The Blue Collar Success Group). What you do matters and makes a difference in the lives of others.

If you’d like to learn more about Kenny and how he serves the home service industry check out his website or head over to his Facebook page.


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Holiday Marketing Strategies for Small Business

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak to a group of small business owners that are part of the Fuji Film Business Builders group to talk about the “Do’s and Don’t of Facebook and Pinterest Holiday Marketing Strategies for Small Business”.

In this recorded presentation I provided information on:

  1. The difference between push and pull marketing
  2. Five “do’s and don’ts” of Facebook Marketing
  3. Facebook post ideas
  4. Facebook holiday marketing tips
  5. Five “do’s and don’ts” of Pinterest Marketing
  6. Pinterest post ideas
  7. Pinterest holiday marketing tips

I wrap it up with an overview of list building techniques for small businesses that will launch them into 2015!

Check out the slides here:

You can listen to the entire webinar recording here.

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Creating a Content Calendar

What is a content calendar?

basecamp-logoA content calendar is a resource that marketers use to plan all their content marketing activity. There are many advantages to using a content calendar:

  1. It gives you a visual of your marketing activities.
  2. It gives you deadlines to complete tasks and create content.
  3. It allows you to share your vision with a team of people that can help you make it come to life!
  4. It allows you to plan your marketing around key events and dates throughout the year.
  5. It helps you see gaps in your plan.
  6. It forces you to plan ahead :)
  7. It keeps you on task!!!!!

I could go on and on…but I think you have the point! So, the question now is where do I get a content calendar? And how do I make one?

I personally like to use Basecamp, which is an online project management tool that you can use to create your calendar. Before I started using Basecamp I found myself feeling overwhelmed, forgetting things, and feeling like I could never take time off because I always had “so much to do” that I felt like I couldn’t even sleep!

Basecamp allowed me to organize my tasks in different formats so that I knew exactly what I had to do each day…eliminating my “frantic” mode of working and making me feel like I was in control of my business again :) I don’t know if you can relate or not….but this is how I felt!

There are TONS of project management systems out there…I tired many of them! But I found Basecamp easy to use and VERY affordable. You can start using basecamp for free for 60 days and then it’s as little as $20 a month….one of the BEST $20 I could spend in my business I might add!

There is a learning curve to using any new software but I would encourage you to try Basecamp, jump on their trainings, if they are offering webinars participate in them….give Basecamp a try….and I mean REALLY try! Don’t sign up thinking you will learn it all in 5 minutes or less…because you won’t! But I PROMISE if you dedicate some time (maybe a day) to learning the program you will not be dissatisfied!!!! It will help you get more done in less time and have more time for the important things in your life and business. Check it out! Then come back and share with me your thoughts and comments :)

How Social Media Influences Purchasing Decisions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Believe it or not, I still get asked all the time; “is social media marketing worth my time?”. That question is typically followed up with; “because I have been posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus for some time now and have not received any return on my investment”.

Please hear me LOUD and clear….if you are not having success with converting fans to clients it is not the platform!!!

Here is an infographic that illustrates exactly how social media influences purchasing decisions of your potential prospects online:

How Social Media Influences Purchase Decisions – Statistics And Trends

Infographic by- Invesp

In summary, 4 in 10 social media users have purchased an item online or in-store after sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. 80 percent say they’d be more likely to purchase if they saw a positive review on a company’s Facebook page according to a G/O Study

Social media plays a vital role in purchasing behavior but a business cannot simply post on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus expecting instant results. In order to have success converting fans to leads to sales you must have a strategy. The strategy must consist of:

  1. Attracting Fans
  2. Capturing Leads
  3. Nurturing those Leads
  4. And converting them into sales (when the timing is right)

Stick with me as I share how to attract more fans, teach you lead capturing strategies, show you how to nurture your leads to make converting them into a customer easier. Thanks for reading!

Misty – Your Marketing Coach :)

Source: Infographic by– Invesp