Hey there, Misty here!

I am unbelievable blessed. I don't mean to brag but it's true!

These are my four "chillins"... aren't they just super sweet?

Um, actually this is a little more realistic of what it looks like to get our family to take pictures together...

This is Ashli...the oldest.

Ash is funny, quirky...and kinda an "egg head" sometimes (jk). That's Sammy with Ash. Ashli thinks Sammy loves her more (but secretly Sammy's told me she loves me more...lol).

Ashli is the designer for Your Marketing Coach. 99% of the awesome designing you see comes from this talented gal :)

And then there's Ky-Garrett...

So, Ky strolled down the stairs on prom day to let me know that he was ready for prom (looking like a male stripper...lol). That's just how Ky is :)

Since graduation, Ky has taken up "resting" as his major in college. Ashli loves to catch him in the act anytime she can. Thank goodness for camera's in our cell phones these days because she has capture literally hundreds of pics of Ky sleeping!

Truthfully, Ky is really smart. He graduated the opt 3% of his class and is currently in college earning his programming degree (that will come in handy in the family biz).

This is Brin.

Apparently, Brin takes after his older brother (see him sleeping behind Ky on the plane). Ash has quite a few pics of Brin sleeping too :)

Brinny is almost 4 years younger than Ky but stands as a giant towering over every one in our family. He's always been big for his age...he's currently 16 years old - 6 ft 2 in (and growing) and weighs 200lbs! Play center for football and is in wrestling. Oh yea, and he's a smarty pants too!

If you ever get a chance to meet Brin you will see that he is a gentle giant (he still laughs like he did when he was 3 yrs old). There he is being Brin and flexing his muscles (wearing his youngest sisters t-shirt for some reason).

The youngest (and the toughest) in the family is Calista.

Apparently she too has caught this "sleeping disorder". Trust me, she doesn't have to sleep in a cardboard box! LOL

Calista lives by two philosophies in life:

  1. Any day can be Halloween (it's not uncommon to find her wearing a cape / weird socks / hats etc. on any random day).
  2. She lives like she's on vacation 100% of the time (that's her and her friends enjoying fresh squeezed lemonade - with umbrellas!). We have to keep the umbrellas in stock all the time because she puts them in most of her drinks...weirdo :) LOL

We all love her individualism and creativity.

These are my in-laws (that I absolutely ADORE)! They would kill me if they knew I shared this pic of them....but I felt like it was important that you see where my kids get their sleeping disorder from - LOL. Plus, they are two of the most important people in our lives. They have always supported us in our crazy adventures over the years. One day I will share their story so that you too can see why they are some of the MOST AMAZING and strongest people that you will ever meet!

And then there's my sexy hubby. We have been married for over 21 years now. We were high school sweethearts (and have been dating since we were 15 years old).

I love him more today than ever...we have had the blessing to grow up together and work together in business. I never get tired of spending time with him :)

Here is a perfect picture that depicts the kind of man / father he is...straightening Calista's hair. Trust me, this is no tasks any man (or woman) wants to take on!

I wanted to share my life with you not because I wanted to brag (although it may seem like that)...but because I wanted to share with you what an amazing life I have because I made the decision to go into business for myself right out of high school.

I started my business because I wanted freedom, flexibility, and control. Which is probably the same reason you started yours!

I wanted the freedom to do what I love...

I wanted the flexibility to be home and raise my kids...

And I wanted the control to build a business and life on my own terms...

I believe that is the reason why most entrepreneurs start their own business. Unfortunately, for most entrepreneurs the business they thought they owned actually ended up owning them!

Here's a quick video that I'd like to share with you...let me know if you can relate.

I believe that the purpose for my life is to help business owners succeed. There's two reasons why over 90% of businesses fail:

  1. They don't know how to effectively market their business
  2. They spend too much time working IN their business and not enough time working ON their business (being the visionary entrepreneur that they are wired to be).

I started Your Marketing Coach to empower business owners to succeed in marketing their business. My mission: to re-claim the business mountain and put entrepreneurs in control of their business and growth.

Let's hike this mountain together shall we? Having you with me makes the journey more fun!

Misty :)