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I'm on a mission to help small businesses succeed. For years, big companies have dominated the marketing arena because they had more money and resources. But now small business owners can compete. With our All-In-One Marketing service were helping small business gain awareness and grow...were changing the rules one business at a time and giving small business a chance to succeed!

All-In-One, Affordable Small Business Marketing Solution

Today's marketing climate is radically different than it was just a few years ago. Many small business owners are realizing that what they did in the past is no longer working. They know that they need to do something different when it comes to marketing their business. Your Marketing Coach offers two services that will meet the needs of the small business owner.

The first service is for the business owner that wants to learn the new way of marketing and put those lessons to work for them. Businesses interested in learning how to market should CHECK OUT our MEMBERSHIP site to learn how to effectively market their business.

The second service is for the business owner that wants to hand their marketing over to the professionals so they they can do whatever matters most with their time in running their business. For those business owners Your Marketing Coach offers an All-In-One Marketing Service. Keep reading to learn more about what services we provide businesses to help them gain awareness, be found, capture leads, and grow their business sales...

Web Presence

Get a website that looks great - and performs. Our websites are proven to be more effective in helping you capture more leads than the average small business website.

Mobile Matters

It's estimated that by 2015 over 50% of local searches will be conducted on mobile devices (BIA/Kelsey 2012)...that means your site needs to perform well on mobile devices. Which is why we ensure the right information is presented in the right way and make it simple to call you.


Does a website without optimization really exist? We will list you on over 50 directory listing sites as well as optimize your website and blogs with on page keywords, tags, and descriptions so that the content you create can be searched and found online.

Reputation Management

Your competition is right at your customers fingertips. Customers rely on reviews more today than ever to make decisions on what businesses they should choose. We will help you manage your reputation by capturing your customers reviews and getting your customers to post those reviews on key platforms.

Social Media

Having a social media presence and marketing strategy can offer small business owners so much more that they typically realize. We will help you set up, design, and integrate your Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts so that you can benefit from brand recognition, community, exposure, authority, influence, and driving traffic to your website. Giving you a competitive edge over your competitors who are still not taking advantage of what social media has to offer.

Lead Capture

Our favorite (and fool proof) method to capturing leads is to give your targeted audience something valuable that they would be willing to exchange their email address for it. They key to capturing leads is to create free offers so that you can capture quality leads and then convert those leads into sales. We will help you determine which offers will work best for your specific business.

Automated Marketing System

Capturing leads is the first step in the sales funnel. The challenge with many small businesses is that they have a leaky funnel. A leaky funnel is where great leads slip away because the small business owner lacks the time (and typically system) to sift, sort, and follow up with their hottest leads. Automating your sales, marketing and nurture processes is the ONLY way a small business owners can seal those leaks in the funnel. Which is why we set up an integrated automated marketing system that will save you time yet allow you to GROW!

Driving Traffic

At this stage in implementing your marketing strategy you have an online presence that is optimized, your are managing your reputation, you have strategies and systems in place to capture leads and nurture those it's time to INVEST IN YOUR GROWTH. This is where we utilize the social media platforms to drive TARGETED prospects into the top of your sales funnel by running Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin Ads. Once we determine the platform where your audience exists we will created targeted ads to match your advertising objectives.


Being a small business owner can be lonely and overwhelming. Every decision weighs on your shoulders, and you can feel like you have no one to advise that understands the pressures of being in business. This is why we feel it is important to provide an online community forum where small business owners can talk to each other and help each other with the daily decisions faced as a small business owner. Once you begin your Essentials All-in-One Marketing Services you will be invited to these closed group forums.


The first step to starting your Essentials All-In-One Marketing Services is to complete an initial 90 minute initial consultation session with Your Marketing Coach. In this session, we will discuss your goals and provide you with a 90 day game plan to guide you through those first 90 days. At the half way mark you will again meet with Your Marketing Coach for a 1 hour review of your progress and develop another 90 day game plan to wrap up the duration of your 6 months of service. If you find that you have specific needs and questions that you need assistance with you can purchase additional time with Your Marketing Coach.



Evaluate your Marketing.

The Small Business Sales and Marketing Scorecard is a tool that evaluates your marketing methods, social media efforts and sales techniques. It will analyze the key areas of your website and provide a report that will help identify gaps in your sales and marketing efforts. Based on your score, we'll point you toward (free) resources specific to your needs.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you